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Title Types of Reactions
Description An example of each of the following types of reactions is given: kinetics; precipitation; complex ion formation; and gas forming.


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1 Kinetics
2 Precipitation
3 Formation of a Complex Ion
4 Gas Forming
Concepts kinetics, precipitation reactions, double-displacement reactions, metathesis reactions, precipitates, complex ions, ligands, gas formation, neutralization
Equipment Beral-type pipet
Stirring rod
Chemicals Copper(II) sulfate, CuSO4
Sodium hydroxide, NaOH
Hydrochloric acid, HCl
Silver nitrate, AgNO3
Crystal violet
Sodium chloride, NaCl
Silver chloride, AgCl
Ammonia, NH3
Tetraamminecopper(II) ion, Cu(NH3)4 2+
Sodium carbonate, Na2CO3
Carbon dioxide, CO2