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Help accessing media in DVAction

What is the difference between streamed and download QuickTime?

Streamed Quicktime requires a stable and relatively fast network connection (at least 1.0 Mbits/second recommended) from your computer to the DVAction server. Streamed movies are never downloaded to your computer, so it is in some ways a more efficient method of delivering content as it may save you hard disk space. Downloaded Quicktime, by contrast, is not played in "real time" over the network; movie files are downloaded over the network but viewed locally. This means that even modem users are able to get and view DVAction content. DVAction uses a method called "progressive download" for downloaded movie files, which means that when enough of a video clip has downloaded for smooth playback, the Player will commence play even as the video continues to download across the network. If you are connecting to DVAction via modem, DSL or ISDN, it is recommended that you choose to view the Download versions of all movies. Read more about QuickTime technology on the Apple Computer QuickTime Tutorial site.

What do I need to view DVAction videos?

You must have at least version 4.1 of the QuickTime player to view most DVAction content. If you're not sure whether you have the right version, please visit the test page on the Apple site.

What if I don't have the QuickTime player software?

You must download the QuickTime software from the Apple Computer site. The QuickTime player is available for free, although there is also a Pro version available for $29.99 . Please note that DVAction does not require the Pro version of QuickTime. DVAction video content is not available in any other format (Real, MPEG, Video for Windows, etc.). The link above is to a QuickTime installer which requires an active network connection. There is also a separate installer which downloads and runs locally.

I'm having trouble playing DVAction movies.

Most likely, trouble viewing DVAction movies relates either to your version of QuickTime or to your network settings. A common problem is that the movie's audio plays but no video. Follow the instructions above to test to be sure you have the right version of QuickTime installed. According to Apple Computer, the system requirements for QuickTime 4.1 are:

QuickTime 4.1 runs on Macintosh and Windows computers and
requires the following (by platform):

Apple computer with a PowerPC processor
System 7.5.5 or later

Windows-based PC
Windows-based computer with a Pentium-class processor
Windows 95, 98, NT 4, or Windows 2000

Note: Although QuickTime 4.1 was not extensively tested with
Windows 2000, no significant issues have been identified. A
forthcoming update to QuickTime will be fully tested with Windows

Please feel free to email DVAction technical support for help with movie playback.

Can I copy DVAction movies and images to my own computer?

Yes, as long as the use is covered under the DVAction project's terms of use. See the page on Linking to objects in DVAction for more information.